Electric Shavers

electric shavers

Choosing an Electric Shaver

Choosing an electric shaver is important. Shaving is a part of a man’s routine just as much as your end-of-day Friday beer. So, let us do the legwork and give you a few pointers in selecting the right shaver for your lifestyle, schedule and skin type. Should you opt for a rotary shaver or foil shaver?

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Rotary electric shavers typically have three rotating circular cutters that work to conform to the shape of your face.

Because of the design, they are best used with slow, circular motions over the face and neck to ensure that the rotary cutter beneath the guard slices the hair as close to the face as possible. Rotary shavers generally suit those with regular to tough skin types with a medium to course beard density


When it comes to rotary shavers Philips and Remington and your main contenders. Leading the pack is the Philips AquaTouch, and for good reason. This product range has a number of features to ensure a comfortable, but close, shave.

One of the most convenient elements is the Aquatec seal – which allows you to shave wet or dry. So even on days when you’re looking a little shabby, but don’t have the time for a thorough shave, there’s no need to go through the process of foam or gel – you can just run the shaver over your face in the shower and be on your way.


The AquaTouch range has Lift & Cut Technology, low-friction protection heads and DualPrecision shaving tracks, which means you get the closest possible shave without causing damage to your skin. The AquaTouch product range also has a QuickRinse system which means you’ll spend little to no time with the clean-up as you can just rinse it off under the tap.

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Next up, we have foil shavers. Unlike rotary shavers, foil shavers are best used moving in a straight, long motion over the face and neck as they have a number of blades underneath a rectangular metallic foil. The foil remains still while the cutter block moves from side to side and cuts the hair as it enters the holes in the foil.

This type of electric shaver will generally suit those with more sensitive skin.


Braun and Panasonic are your go-to brands for foil shavers.

The Braun Series 7 shaver range is a stand-out if you’re keeping an eye out for quality foils. One of the great things about this shaver range is that, for those of you with unruly facial hair, the Active Lift Technology is an ideal feature for making sure you get an even and perfect shave every time you use it.

This technology literally lifts the hair up from the root in order to cut it evenly and accurately so you’re not left looking like you’ve missed bits.

    Black ST23 Easy clean shutter

Also equally impressive when it comes to foil shavers is the range of Wet/Dry Panasonic electric shavers.

The Panasonic Wet/Dry models have Arc Blades with Nano Technology – which, in layman’s terms, means it’s going to cut your facial hair and provide the closest of shaves. Basically, these curved blades make contact with your face at a 30 degree angle for an even closer, faster and gentler shaving experience.

Also, take into account the pivoting head feature to shave hard to reach places under the neck and jaw line and your grooming routine just got a whole lot simpler.

So, at the end of it, how do you determine which kind of electric shaver is best suited for you – rotary or foil? It really comes down to preference, beard growth and whether or not you have sensitive skin.

If your skin tends to dry easily or is prone to irritation, it may be worth trying-out a foil shaver as they tend to be less harsh on the face. Rotary’s are a great choice too, and are generally better suited to those with regular to tough skin. You may even find that you need both – some men will opt to use one for their face and another for their neck area. It really is dependent on the individual.

What it really comes down to, and the best way to ensure success when it comes to facial grooming, is to use quality products. A man’s trade is as good as the equipment he uses – this applies to shaving too – and with the right tools from Shaver Shop you can ensure you are always looking your best!