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  • Hair Tonic 125mL
  • Styptic 60ml
  • Styptic Gel - 10ml
    Made In Italy
  • The Koby Mini | Toiletry Bag
  • The Face Scrubber | Gentle - Charcoal
  • The Ace | Face Scrubber Holder
  • Alum Pratico Stick
  • Razor Sharpener 3.0
  • 1805 Aftershave Balm - 100mL
    Made In UK
  • West Indian Limes Aftershave Balm - 100mL
    Made In UK

Aftershave Balm & Lotion For Men

The perfect shave isn't finished when you take the blade away from your face, just like a present isn't really finished without ribbon or a bow.
The coup de grĂ¢ce is aftershave; an often forgotten part of the shaving process.

It's helpful to know just why you should apply aftershave balm or mens aftershave lotion post-shaving, and this is because shaving takes more than just hair off your face - it actually removes shards of your top layer of skin, which can leave entry points for bacteria and cause redness, in grown hairs, even scabs.

This is why aftershave should be a part of your routine - Aftershave products often contains astringents, such as alcohol. These help calm irritation that occurs during and after shaving, stop any bleeding present, and disinfects any small nicks cuts may have accidentally given yourself... And the added bonus is that the right men's aftershave can leave you smelling like a champion!