Could Bald Be Better?

Jan 01. 1970 by Shaver Shop Team

Let’s talk hair loss. Receding hairlines, thinning and dropping hair. You’ve had this luscious head of hair as long as you can remember, and then out of nowhere, it’s failing you. It’s a complete shock, and you’re tracing the family tree to see how could this be? Or, it’s pretty obvious. This came from Dad, and Dad’s Dad, and Dad’s Dad before that. It doesn’t really matter why, or who, or how. It’s just you… and what now?

1. First signs of thinning? Go to a barber. They are trained to make your hair look good.

Pros: Low cost, fast effective.

Cons: Can't help forever.

2. Hair transplants - This could be a great and suitable answer to balding! There are many clinics that provide this service for men and women who are experiencing hair loss for different reasons.
Pros: Replaces lost hair, looks natural and boosts confidence.
Cons: $$$, lengthy process and you’ll have to continue replacing as more hair loss occurs. 

3. Re-growth with over-the-counter, clinically proven medications that promotes new hair growth. 
Pros: Relatively inexpensive, reverse signs of balding and confidence boosting.
Cons: Continual use is required. A clinical option that doesn’t come without side-effects, and doctors’ advice must be sought before trialling this option.

4. Bring on the bald and embrace the face. The hair on your head, or lack thereof, doesn’t have to make or break you. Get those clippers out, and take it off. All of it. Feel all that weight off your shoulders? That’s not just the hair on the floor, that’s one less thing to worry about in the morning. No need for trips to the barbers, or shampoo, or conditioner. Maybe bald is better!
Pros: Inexpensive in the long-run. You’re in control and can change up your look. 
Cons: Could take some practice, trial and error. 

Receding hairline or thinning? Reach for the VS Sassoon Crew Cut Hair Clippers. A fool-proof clipper for a close grade 1 – 4 cut. Cordless and fits in your hand and easy to use, the Crew Cut Hair Clipper is convenient and even comes with a separate battery operated trimmer to get those harder to reach areas and create jaw defining lines. 

Take it all off with a razor and a close, clean shave. The All Terrain razor is specifically designed for your head and will give you the look you want to achieve! It rolls over your head and will apply the appropriate ergonomic pressure to ensure that you’ll be your own professional barber in no time. 

Be bald and bold with a beard. Wahl’s Lithium Ion Beard Trimmer can trim, shape and change up your beard and look in minutes. Multiple attachments give versatility and leave you looking fresh.

For those that are enjoying the World’s Closest Electric Shave thanks to Philips Prestige – an insider tip is that this will also deliver a fantastic result when used on your head as well. 

The choice is one of confidence and comfort. So, do you, and hold that strong, beautiful, balding head up high.

Expert tip: If you're shaving your head - ensure you're using a good quality product. Complementary shaving products are purposely designed to give you the best smooth finish that you're after, so we cannot recommend pre and post care enough. 

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