Top Tips For A Traditional Shave

Jan 31. 2020 by Shaver Shop Team

Shaving may not be something you even think about anymore – just one of the daily motions that you’ve been going through since your teens. But, if you’ve ever had a proper shave, the kind that leaves you touching your face in wonder (so smooth! So soft! Such marvel!) then you’ll know just how good it can be... with just a little bit of effort. Sure, it may take a little more time in your morning routine, but the payoff is so worth it – and besides, you deserve to treat yourself a little every day. So, how do you get the world’s best traditional shave? Read on to find out.

Prepare your skin

We’ve all been guilty of the hurried “only got five-minutes” shave. And we all have the nicks to prove it. All of the best shaves begin by taking the time to prepare your face prior, so that your skin is ready for what’s to come. It’s for this reason you should always try to shave after your shower. A warm shower will soften the skin, open your pores and stimulate the hairs ready for a shave – plus you’ll be more likely to avoid irritation. Twice a week, add exfoliation into your routine via a facial scrub or gentle loofah.  This will remove the dead skin cells on your face and help prevent ingrown hairs providing you with a cleaner, more effective shave.


If you don’t have time for a full shower, rinse your face or press a warm face washer over it first. This step is kind of like driving your car as soon as you start the engine, rather than letting it warm up first. Sure, you’ll get where you’re going faster, but it may ruin the engine in the process.


Choose the right shaving product for your skin type

Every person’s skin is different, so it goes without saying that it also needs different products and ingredients to keep it at its best. Of course, the variant of product you choose (oil, cream, foam, soap) will also come down to personal preference, but your skin type will help guide you. 

If you have dry skin (that is, prone to flaking and feelings of tightness), look for a product with moisturising and nourishing ingredients like oatmeal as shaving will also remove the natural oils (which in turn makes it more dry). Applying a pre-shave oil or cream may also be a good choice as it will add an extra layer of protection & help the razor glide smoother. If you have sensitive skin (prone to bumps, burns and irritation), look for soothing, calming ingredients like aloe vera, and avoid products with added fragrances or alcohol as these can irritate or dry out the skin. Oily skin types (though perhaps annoying for shine) actually have one of the best skin types for constant shaving as the skin is already naturally lubricated. However, if the oil bothers you, you may want to choose a variant that is more on the astringent side, like a shave soap, or products containing charcoal that will combat extra oiliness. 

Get yourself a shave brush 

Shaving brushes – they’re not just for good looks and old-school charm. The style of brush varies from stuff to uber-soft depending on what type of fibre you choose. Using a brush to apply your product helps you achieve your ultimate shave in many ways. It stimulates the skin and facial hair for a cleaner shave, it helps the product get in and under the hair so you are less likely to miss any spots, and it gives extra exfoliation which helps prevent ingrowns.


Choose the right razor for you

Not all razors were created equal – and not all were made for everyone. Just like choosing the right shaving product will optimise your shave experience, the key to your smoothest face is in selecting the right razor for your skin type. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. If this is you, opt for a razor made specifically for your sensitive skin type like the Gillette SkinGuard, or choose a safety razor like the Muhle Safety Razor. Keep in mind those with more cartridges will remove too much natural oil, and further irritate the skin.

Avoid piping hot water 

While hot water is great as a pre-shave move, when it comes to the actual shaving part the water should not be too hot. Too much heat for too long will make the skin too soft and malleable for a close shave whereas a dry or cold shave can cause irritation.


Go against the grain 

This may have been something your dad taught you way back when, but here’s a gentle reminder: for a close shave look at the direction of your hair growth and shave against it.

Have some follow-through

The show isn’t over the moment you put down the razor. To get the most out of your handiwork, follow your shave with cream, lotion or balm like the Proraso After Shave Lotion. Not only will this help to soothe your skin – it’ll make you smell great too. 


Expert tip: If you have a coarse beard, we recommend using a pre-shave oil or products with shea butter to help soften your whiskers. This will help to prevent snagging.

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