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Men's Pre Electric Shave Accessories

The ideal shave routine should begin before the physical act of shaving actually starts; It's important you apply pre shave accessories such as oils and lotions to prepare your skin. The best shaving rituals come in threes:
1) Pre Shave
2) Shave
3) Post Shave

The most common question is: Well, what do pre shave creams actually do?
The answer: Pre-shave cream is similar to the conditioner you use in your hair after you shampoo. Conditioners, or in this case creams, keep your hair healthy, soft & prevent it from becoming dry to ease the shaving process.

Since 1984, Shaver Shop has provided a wide range of popular and trused pre and post shaving accessories across Australia, and we're proud to continue this to this very day as Australia's #1 grooming and shaving retailer.