• Product Description

    Product Description

    Waterpik Whitening Tablets - Precision Whitening While You Floss!

    Precision Whitening! One tablet daily in your Waterpik® Whitening Water Flosser to remove stains from hard to reach areas, between teethand at the gumline. All the clinically proven benefits of water flossing plus extra whitening!
    Boxed Contents: 30 Whitening Tablets

    Size: 1.2oz


    Key Features

    • As gentle as regular toothpaste.
    • Safe on teeth and gums.
    • Removes an additional 25% of stains vs. brushing alone.



    Keep whitening tablet bottle and tablets out of reach of children and pets. Whitening tablets contain xylitol which may be harmful to pets.

    Tablets only to be used in Waterpik® Whitening Water Flosser handles. Do not place tablet in reservoir.

    Glycine, xylitol, sucralose, flavor (aroma), copovidone (PVP\VA copolymer), sodium lauryl sulfate, dextrin, magnesium stearate, silica

    Use one tablet daily in the flosser handle to help remove stains from hard to reach areas, between teeth, and at the gumline that other products miss.

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Whitening Tablets - 30pk



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